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All following benefits are available to the employment in the Taiwan region only. Benefits for all other regions shall be provided specific to comply with local law and practices.

Smooth capital-labor relations are crucial to company growth. From the beginning, our company has taken a direct, responsible approach to maximizing employee welfare, offering staff members a diverse selection of on-the-job skills enhancement programs and taking care of their daily needs. In response to changes in the environment around us, CEC has redoubled efforts in the following areas in order to achieve the objectives of sustained operation and generating maximum benefits for both staff members and shareholders.

Streamlined Management System
In accordance with relevant regulations in the Labor Standards Law and in recognition of changes in the business environment, the company periodically revises management regulations as necessary to create and maintain a people-oriented management system.

Strong Staff Communication Channels
CEC is determined to enhance the functions of internal company publications, and establish an enterprise information portal (Connect) to announce and explain various company policies, systems, welfare measures and assorted events. In addition, and employee discussion boards enable thorough expression of staff opinions and views.

Group Insurance and Health Examinations
In addition to labor insurance, CEC also purchases group life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance, and cancer insurance for all staff members. In addition, the company conducts health examinations annually for all staff members to give our employees multiple layers of security.

Employee Dividends, Stock Options
As partners in our enterprise, we seek to ensure employee participation in company operation and enjoyment of the fruits of our efforts.

Enhanced Employee Training
Each year the company allots a budget for conducting educational training for employees to promote the enhancement of their professional know-how and skills and to further individual career development.

Comprehensive Retirement Structure
In accordance with the law, company allocate retirement reserve fund every month; all retirement measures are further conducted in full compliance with the regulations stipulated in the Labor Standards Law and Labor Pension Act.

Employee Welfare Committee
An Employee Welfare Committee oversees matters concerning staff benefits and welfare, including the following: financial assistance for weddings and funerals, births, hospital visitations, children’s education, and special bonuses on Taiwan’s three major traditional holidays (Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival). The Committee also provides guidance and support to various employee clubs and sponsors company athletic meets, an annual year-end dinner, and company trips to relieve stress and foster group spirit. In addition, the company contributes further assistance where welfare funds stipulated by law are deemed insufficient.

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