Tunnel and Underpass

Shield Tunnels of Song-Hu~Da-AnĦBShen-Mei~Da-An 345kv Power Cable Transmission Lines Design and Build Project

  • Client

    Taiwan Power Company

  • Architect / Engineer

    CECI Engineering Consultants Inc.

  • Location

    Taipei City

  • Year of Completion


  • Structure

    Shield Tunnels with 5.5m inner diameter total 966LM, 4.6m inner diameter total 4,639LM and 2.5m inner diameter total 279LMĦF5 Shafts and 1 Cooling Room

  • Type of Work

    Electrical cable shield tunnelsĦBcut & cover tunnelsĦBshafts and cooling room related civil works as well as ancillary M & E works

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