MRT System

Taipei Metropolitan Area Rapid Transit System Wanda Line Contract CQ842 Station LG02; LG02 to LG03 & LG02 to LG01 TBM Tunnels Civil Construction

  • Client

    South District Project Office, Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government

  • Architect / Engineer

    CECI Engineering Consultants, Inc.

  • Location

    Taipei City

  • Year of Completion


  • Structure

    Station¡GOne Island Platform Underground Station, constructed by Cut and Cover Construction Method, with length 126M, width 20.75M (including slurry wall) and excavation depth 24.6M.
    Tunnel¡GTBM tunnels of diameter 5.6M and length 1178M

  • Type of Work

    Cultural Relics Rescue, Underground MRT Station, TBM Tunnels.

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