Environmental facilities

Sewer System Design & Construction,Include Plubic Main Sewer,Branch Sewer of Dan Shui Area,Taipei Country,Taiwan

  • Client

    North Shore Corporation

  • Architect / Engineer

    Resources Engineering Services Inc.
    Hsin Lu Engineering Consultancy Company

  • Location

    Danshuei town, Taipei County,Taiwan (R.O.C.)

  • Year of Completion

    2007/2013(By Stage Construction)

  • Structure

    Sewer Main Pipeline System

  • Type of Work

    RC Pipe Jacking for Depth Over 4m,300-1200mm(Φ)
    Open Cut for Depth Less Than 4m,200-400mm(Φ)

  • Total Pipeline:52,666m
    Partial Portion is Constructed by Long Distance Curve-Pipe-Jacking Method

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