Environmental facilities

Danshuei Wastewater Treatment Plant, EPC Turnkey (Phase ¢¹)

  • Client

    North Shore Corporation

  • Architect / Engineer

    Well Meet Technology Co,LTD
    Hsin Lu Engineering Consultancy Company

  • Location

    Danshuei Town, Taipei County , Taiwan (R.O.C.)

  • Year of Completion


  • Structure

    Administration and Sludge Treatment Building with RC Structure .
    Biological Tertiary Wastewater Treatment Tank with RC Structure .
    Anaerobic Digester with Steel Structure.

  • Type of Work

    RC Structure

  • Total Area

    Plant Area¡G4.9 Ha¡BBuilding¡G 2,432m2

  • System Description
    Biological Tertiary Wastewater Treatment
    Design Capacity Phase I¡G2,800CMD
    Sludge Treatment Capacity¡G30CMD

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