New Opportunities: ERP, Core Business, Overseas Expansion

In today's knowledge-based economy, product quality, reaction time, and innovation determine success or failure. Our adoption in 2002 of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system boosts performance and competitive strength with enhanced resource integration and utilization.

Our development strategy focuses on fortification of our core business. Projects such as the Taiwan High Speed Rail (currently the world¡¦s largest BOT project) and urban rapid transit system integrated development accelerate technical, operational, and structural growth, enhancing our strengths in international strategic cooperative projects.

Keenly aware of the transition of the domestic construction away from high-yield real estate investment, CEC has adjusted our focus. While emphasizing premium properties in prime urban development zones, we seek to contribute to a more comfortable, quality living environment at the community level.

Executing an operational strategy hinging on our core business, CEC will continue to effectively build upon over half a century of experience in the industry. While strengthening our roots in Taiwan, we seek to apply our knowledge and skills through expanded operations in the Greater China and India construction markets.

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