Instituting Management by Objectives & Nurturing People

CEC constantly strives to upgrade not only its products and services, but also its internal management systems in the effort to forge a high-performance management team. Accordingly, CEC led the industry in receiving ISO 9001 accreditation ahead of the competition. Determined to remain at the forefront of management methods, we upgraded to ISO 9001:2000 quality management system in 2003.

Our internal structure, geared for maximum performance, is built upon the Performance Management Model (PMM). Under this exclusive system, our executive team formulates yearly objectives, including major strategies and operational performance, which are regularly measured against the KPI, enabling close monitoring of progress and performance as well as providing the tools for making necessary adjustments in the service of corporate efficiency and quality.

CEC goes to extraordinary lengths to nurture and care for its most valuable resource¡Ðits people. Career plans are designed with departmental and individual needs in mind. Training courses are provided, both locally and internationally, to enhance general and technical knowledge, and to enable all employees to develop a wide range of capabilities.

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