Emphasizing Research & Development

CEC established capability to undertake the most complex and technologically challenging projects, not only in Taiwan but worldwide, has been made possible by the collective strength of its management, it's financial and engineering resources, and by its considerable efforts in research and development.

Mr. Ing, CEC's founder and a civil engineer himself, adapted advanced construction technology and materials from abroad. The promotion of R&D at CEC was a 'first' in the Taiwan construction industry. Beginning from 1949, the new construction materials and technologies which CEC introduced into Taiwan included pre-stressed concrete, grouting, pre-stressed pillar construction, cantilever technology (Freyssinet System) from Japan and Germany (Yuan Shan Bridge), the Shield Tunnelling Method (Mass Rapid Transit System), and the New Austrian Tunnelling Method (Northern Taiwan Second Freeway).

Innovations that CEC developed range from ventilation windows which are safely accessible to children, to space-efficient scissor-shaped stairs (for condominiums), to the underpinning method first used in the construction of the Grand Hotel, the Chinese palace-style landmark in Taipei. CEC was awarded the Silver Medal for Construction Technology Automation for the development of steel caisson used for deep foundation excavation on sites with special soil conditions (for Northern Taiwan Second Freeway's Bih-tan Bridge). With these and other 'first', CEC is proud to have made a contribution to improving the standards of Taiwan's construction industry as a whole.

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