1969 Complete construction of the Fu Jen Catholic University Gymnasium, the Taipei prestressed concrete pedestrian overpass, and the Linsen N. Rd. underpass.
1969 Chairman Ing is named President of the Housing and Real Estate Association of Taipei, serving through 1976.
1965 CEC completes construction on self-invested and developed Kuang Wu Villa and King Hwa Villa, the first multi-level apartment complexes in Taiwan.
1964 An early pioneer among private companies expanding operations overseas, CEC contracts on projects in overseas markets including Okinawa, Guam, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Complete construction on seven major campus buildings and facilities at Tung-Hai University designed by I.M. Pei, as well as the Taipei Mosque, and US military barracks.

1958 Apply prepakt concrete technology for the first time in constructing a swimming pool-type nuclear reactor for National Tsing Hua University.
1958 Jointly establish Prepakt China Company, Ltd. with Intrusion Prepakt Co. of Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Developing core strengths in prepakt concrete, grouting, prepakt piles and other foundation works.
1958 Complete construction of 1000-bed ward for Taipei Veterans General Hospital.
1948 Company obtains the rights to represent the French Freyssinet Prestressed Concrete technology.
1948 All CEC branch offices are relocated with the ROC government to Taipei, Taiwan.
1945 Following restructuring, company is renamed Continental Engineering Corporation (CEC) and relocated to Shanghai, where it continues to contribute to the post-war rebuilding effort.
1943 Wei Dah aids military construction effort with barracks and taxiway work at Kuanghan Airfield, Szechuan.
1941 Mr. Glyn T.H. Ing establishes Wei Dah Corporation, the precursor to Continental Engineering Corporation, in Szechuan, China against a background of war and strife.
1979 Chairman Ing is elected President of the Asia Pacific Real Estate Federation.
1979 Kuang An Mansion is completed.
1978 Establish the Hao Ran Foundation to provide financial support to cultural and educational undertakings, promote cultural exchange, and cultivate skilled individuals for society.
1978 CEC adopts the entire prefabricated concrete housing construction method from Japan.

Making inroads into the overseas market, foreign projects include the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Industry and Electricity Headquarters Building, REDEC Plaza Building, and the Postal Centre of Riyadh.

1977 Initiated self-invested real estate developments including the Ching An Mansion, Yi An Mansion, Kwang Fu Mansion, and the Kwang Fu office building.
1977 Work is completed on the Sun Yat-Sen Freeway Yuan Shan Bridge project. Stretching 1452 meters using prestressed concrete cantilever technology, the bridge sets a record for the world's largest single deck area between spans for cantilever design.
1976 CEC introduces the scissors-shaped staircase to multi-story apartments at the Ching An Mansion. Offering reduced space and cost, the staircases soon become widely adopted by others in the industry.
1975 Construction on the CKS International Airport Terminal underground level and the Shou Lang Villa apartment complex are completed.
1974 Chairman Ing's tireless efforts pay off with official ROC membership in the International Real Estate Federation, based in Paris.
1974 Construction of contracted Chen Hsing Rehabilitation Center 140-bed Ward Wing and self-invested and developed Hao Ran Mansion projects, are completed.
1974 CEC dispatches numerous company engineers to learn new bridge construction methods in Japan, also introducing the prestressed concrete cantilever bridge technology applied to the Sun Yat-Sen Freeway Yuan Shan Bridge project.
1973 Construction of the Sun Yat-Sen Freeway Yuan Shan Bridge commences; the Shuang Shi civil servant housing project, the first hillside residential project ever undertaken on a major scale in Taiwan, is completed.
1973 In response to the government's petrochemical development policy, chairman Ing establishes a synthetic rubber company (Taiwan Synthetic Rubber Corporation) on 17.6 hectares in the Kaohsiung County Ta Sheh Petrochemical Industrial Zone.

Complete construction of the Grand Hotel, a luxury hotel in the Chinese palace style that becomes an instant classic and Taipei landmark.

1973 Work is completed on the Continental Building, the first deluxe office building in Taipei's East District, and Taiwan's first high-rise building with no interior columns.
1972 Chairman Ing is named President of the ROC Real Estate Association.
1972 Complete reverse circulation foundation piling work for flood relief structure, Project II, for the Sun Yat-Sen Freeway.
1972 Residential building projects invested and developed by CEC, including the Chiao An Mansion and Yung Chuen Mansion, are completed.
1972 Actively contribute to government's Ten Major Construction Projects, including the Yuan Shan Bridge portion of the Sun Yat-Sen Freeway and the underground structure of the CKS International Airport Terminal Building.
1970 Wei Dah Mansion is completed.
1970 Complete numerous public works projects, including the Taipei city prestressed concrete retaining wall for flood control, Nanking East Rd. and Chang An East Rd. pedestrian underpasses, and Kuang Hua Bridge on Sungkiang Rd. in Taipei.
1970 Construction of Taipei's Grand Hotel commences. Autonomously develop underpinning method to support the adjacent Golden Dragon Hall, and employ for the first time water-resistant cloth to cover sloped land following excavation.


1989 Complete Construction of the Kuchuang No. 1 & 2 Tunnels for the South Rail link.
1989 Acquisition of the American Bridge Company, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, expands company presence in the global market (Note:CEC divested the business in 2020).
1988 Under a corporate organizational realignment program, CEC expands real estate development departments and strengthens R&D.
1988 Chairman Ing is elected World President of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) on August 27, the first Asian to hold the post.

Chairman Ing plays a central role in founding the Construction Industry Foundation for Research and Development, helping industry members to improve organizational integrity and quality while aggressively lobbying for better construction policies.

1986 Ms. Nita Ing is named company President.
1984 Chairman Ing partners with Acer Group Chairman Mr. Stan Shih to establish Multiventure Investment Inc., providing capital and other services to help elevate the competitiveness of Taiwan's technology industry.
1982 Autonomously developed hand-set module formwork system used extensively in the construction of the Hsing An Public Housing Complex in downtown Taipei, delivering lower cost, lower reliance on manual labor, enhanced quality, and faster project completion.
1981 Steel forms for precast concrete facades, developed and produced in Taiwan, are shipped to Saudi Arabia for use in the Postal Centre of Riyadh building project.


1999 CEC contracts for Taipei MRT Tucheng Line Project CD550, offering an opportunity to establish integrated project management capacities.
1998 The Taiwan High Speed Rail Consortium, of which CEC is a member, is awarded BOT priority negotiation rights (September 25).
1997 Introduce the cable stay bridge method for the Hsin Tong Bridge project in Miaoli County.
1996 Work commences on the underpass at Fu Shing North Rd. in Taipei crossing under Sung Shan Airport, contracted with TEKKEN Corporation of Japan, for which the UEMURA Corporation's patented 'ESA Method' is adopted.

CEC becomes Taiwan's first construction company to receive ISO 9001.

1996 Company institutes aggressive Total Quality Management system.
1995 CEC celebrates its 50th anniversary.
1994 CEC is named a top national construction and engineering firm.
1994 June 24, CEC receives approval as a Category One stock; on July 19, Taiwan Stock Exchange approves company stock listing, which takes place on August 4.
1994 Mr. Glyn T.H. Ing passes away from liver cancer (April 27).
1994 Mr. Glyn T.H. Ing donates NT$50M to the National Chiao Tong University Spring Foundation (April 10).
1994 Adopt autonomously developed alternative precast segmental bridge with balance cantilever construction method for the Southern Taiwan Second Freeway Kaohsiung Beltway C393Z Project, employing prefabricated bridge support sections.
1993 CEC receives the annual Golden Business Award for Outstanding Corporate Training from the ROC Chamber of Commerce.
1993 For Project CP261 on the Taipei MRT's Panchiao Line, pioneered an automatic control deep dewatering system, successfully boring a ventilation shaft in close proximity to the Hsintien Creek.

CEC introduces the CONEX tunnel segment system from Austria, a continuous erection of precast segmental tunnel lining system.

1992 CEC commences work on Project CP261 of the Taipei MRT System's Panchiao Line.
1992 In order to overcome the technical challenges of working on the cantilevered arch style bridge, CEC designs a 1500T free-rotation hinge support for increased safety and easy disassembly.
1992 CEC contracts for the Bih-tan Bridge and Hsin Tien Tunnel V Project portions of the Northern Taiwan Second Freeway.
1991 Chairman Ing receives honorary doctorates from the University of Pittsburgh (May 19) and National Chiao Tong University (June 5).
1991 As the new President of the Confederation of International Contractors' Associations (CICA), Chairman Ing is an active force for the ROC's construction industry on the global stage.
1991 CEC completes autonomous development of the steel caisson for the deep excavation method for use on sites with special soil qualities.
1991 As part of Six-Year National Development Plan projects, CEC introduces new techniques including the Shield Tunneling Method for MRT tunnels and roadheader machines for rock tunnel excavation.
1991 Chairman Ing oversees preparations for the establishment of the Development Center for Construction Technology, dedicated to research and development of technology for construction works in Taiwan.
1990 CEC hosts the Hao Ran Summer Workshop, geared toward establishing a common ground for Taiwan's next generation of business leaders.
1990 Involved in the founding of Epoch Foundation, which sponsors the Taiwan Plan at MIT.


2009 (May) The excellent award of the national campaign in 2008 for work security and health.
2009 (Feb) CEC receives ISO 9001:2008 certification.
2008 (Nov) CEC was awarded MRT project CK570.
2007 (Sep) Continental Engineering Corporation was awarded Tender CU02 of “Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Access MRT System Construction Project”.
2007 (June) The flagship project named “Bridge to Zenith” launched and built by Continental Engineering Corporation in Panchiao/Hsinchuang Special Zone was honorably awarded by the Real Estate Association of Republic of China 2007 FIABCI Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Award-Best planning & design in the residential category.
2007 (June) Chairman Wang Wen-Chi retired and was succeeded by Nita Ing as the new Chairwoman.  Vice President Hung Yi-Chian was promoted as new CEO at CEC.
2007 (May) Continental Engineering Corporation was awarded the tender of the Hushan Reservoir Project.
2007 (Apr) Continental Engineering Corporation disposed the Dazhi Commercial Building in exchange for the holding shares of CEC Commercial Development Corporation.
2007 (Mar) Continental Engineering Corporation was awarded the tender of water purification station phase III on Baoshan township.
2007 (Mar) Continental Engineering Corporation formed a joint venture with SOMAIndia in concert to win Tender BC-16 of DMRC Mass Rapid Transport System Phase II in New Delhi, India.

(Dec) Continental Engineering Corporation is the first large-scale Taiwanese construction company that was internationally accredited with OHSAS:18001 for the “Occupational Safety & Health Management System.

2006 (June) Continental Engineering Corporation was officially awarded two Highway Tenders in Assam, India.
2006 (June) Continental Engineering Corporation was officially awarded the Highway Tender in Hyderabad, India.
2006 (June) The “The Village” launched by Continental Engineering Corporation was honored by the Real Estate Association of Republic of China 2006 FIABCI Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Award-Best construction quality for the new community category.
2006 (May) Continental Engineering Corporation started building footwear factory buildings in India - the first factory building project launched in India.
2005 (Dec) Continental Engineering Corporation celebrated its 60th birthday.
2005 (Dec) Continental Engineering Corporation teamed up with Formosan Rubber Group Incorporate for jointed development of a residential project in the Panchiao area.
2005 (Nov) Tender CB420, underground tunnel of MRT System Taipei, Neihu Line undertaken by Continental Engineering Corporation was built through.
2005 (Nov) Continental Engineering Corporation Team successfully won the award of the BOT Project of Sewer Treatment Plant and Sanitary Sewer Channel in the Tamshui area.
2005 (July) Continental Engineering Corporation successfully won the tender for the first Project of Highway RJ-7 of NHAI, of National Highway Administration India.
2005 (Feb) Continental Engineering Corporation was successfully awarded Tender CR580 of Taipei MRT System Hsinyi Line.
2004 Continental Engineering Corporation relocated its headquarters from No. 100, Sec. 3, Minsheng E. Road, Taipei to No. 95, Sec. 2, Dunhua S. Road.
2004 Continental Engineering Corporation was awarded by flagship magazine “Common Wealth” as No. 1 of the “Most Admired Company in Taiwan” in the construction industry category - the sixth time for Continental Engineering Corporation to receive such a distinguished honor.
2004 Continental Engineering Corporation was awarded the contract for the Quanta Display Incorporation for Longtan Generation VI LCD Plant/Office Building.
2004 Continental Engineering Corporation was awarded the contract for the Plant/Office Project of Taichung Science-based Industrial Park, for the Corning Glass Furnace Complex.
2003 CEC is awarded construction contract of East-West Expressway, Pali Hsintien Line, Guan-yin San Tunnel C802Z project by the Taiwan Area National Expressway Engineering Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications.
2003 CEC is awarded construction contract of Pfizer Taiwan New Office Project in Tamsui by PB Constructors (Asia) Limited, Taiwan Branch.
2002 CEC sets a new high for annual company turnover, at NT$15.65 billion.
2002 CEC receives ISO 9001:2000 certification.
2002 The Taipei city government names CEC the top construction firm of 2002.
2002 CEC tops the rankings of construction firms in Commonwealth magazine's list of "Most Admired Companies in Taiwan 2002."
2002 Incorporate SAP Enterprise Resource Planning system.
2002 On August 29, Joint Venture CEC & B+B completes breakthrough stage of the longest tunnel on the Taiwan High Speed Rail, the Paghuashan Tunnel (Project C260) ahead of schedule.
2002 Enter Joint Venture with TAISEI Construction Corporation of Japan on the construction of the Taiwan High Speed Rail Tsoying Station, Project S295.
2002 Enter Joint Venture with TAISEI Construction Corporation of Japan, CTCI Corporation, and TAIAN Electric Co., Ltd. on construction of the Taiwan High Speed Rail Taichung Station, Project S250.
2002 Enter Joint Venture with TEKKEN Corporation of Japan on Project CB420 of the Taipei MRT.
2001 At NT$10.382B, company turnover exceeds 10 billion for the first time.
2001 Project CP265C, a sub-project of Taipei MRT Project CD550, receives the Public Construction Golden Quality Award from the Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan.
2000 Contract construction of Hua Nan Bank's Changchun Rd. building and the Yihsien Apartments on Kuangfu S. Rd. in Taipei.
2000 Announce new Corporate Culture Statement, elucidating company mission.



2019 (Mar) CEC Hong Kong Office awarded contract G506 - Construction of Station Square at Kai Tak (Phase 1).
2019 (Mar) CEC Taiwan Office awarded the Taipei Nangang Depot Public Housing Design and Built Project.
2019 (Jan) Simon Buttery appointed CEO of Continental Engineering Corporation; former President Ken Hung retired on the same day.
2018 (Aug) CEC Taiwan Office was awarded GC01 contract of Taoyuan MRT Green Line.
2017 (Nov) CEC Taiwan Business Division received the 2017 Outstanding Achievements in BIM Award organized by the Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering.
2017 (Nov) CEC Hong Kong Branch won the bronze award in the New Works Category as well as three other awards in the 23rd Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme.
2017 (Oct) CEC was awarded two tenders: C211 contract of the Tainan Railway Underground Project and the design and build Contract E secured in the Guanci Po-Ai Park Public Housing Development Project in Taiwan.
2017 (Sep) CEC Hong Kong Branch was included in the ¡§List of Approved Contractors for Public Work¡¨ by the Development Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and awarded the ¡§Public Works Contract Permit for Contract C¡¨ in the category of ¡§Roads & Drainage¡¨.
2017 (Jul) In order to achieve better efficiency and focus in speciality fields, CEC, via divestiture, transferred ownership of HEC Environment Corporation, its wholly-owned subsidiary to mother company, CHC.
2017 (Jan) CEC Hong Kong Branch received authorization once again to continue use of the Caring Company Logo in 2017.
2017 (Jan) CEC awarded C214 contract-South Tainan Station section of the Tainan Railway Underground Project in Taiwan.
2016 (Dec) CEC Taiwan awarded the contract for CQ840 section of Taipei MRT Wanda-Zhonghe-Shulin Line.
2016 (Oct) CEC¡¦s subsidiary - Hsin Dar Environment Corporation awarded contract for Pu-Ding area sewerage system BOT project.
2016 (Aug) CEC¡¦s subsidiary - Hsin Dar Environment Corporation awarded contract for Feng-Shan River wastewater reclamation and reuse BTO project.
2016 (Aug) CEC¡¦s subsidiary - Hsin Dar Environment Corporation awarded contract for Chung-Li area sewerage system BOT project.
2015 (Dec) CEC awarded contract for Kai Tak Development ¡V Stage 2 Infrastructure Works in Hong Kong.
2015 (Jul) CEC awarded contract for the Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point and associated works- Contract 6.
2015 (May) CEC India office awarded three contracts on Noida-Greater Noida Metro Project in India.
2014 (Dec) CIMY established a new head office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
2014 (Oct) CEC Taiwan awarded the CQ842 contract, part of the first-phase construction of the Wanda-Zhonghe-Shulin metro line by Taipei City Government.
2014 (Sep) The Taipei Metro Xinyi Line (Project CR580A) received the Taipei City Distinguished Public Construction Award from the Taipei City Government. The project included Daan Forest Part Station and Daan Station (both are underground MRT stations), and the TBM tunnels between the stations in Taipei Metropolitan Area.
2014 (Jun) CEC Taiwan awarded contracts for the C2 Renshui Tunnel on Suhua Highway, and building construction project at the site of the former Jingmei Financial Training Center.
2013 (Dec) CEC awarded contract for the CM01 section of the project connecting the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport access MRT system extend to Zhongli TRA Station construction project.
2013 (Sep) CEC India office awarded the Jaipur Metro (Phase 1B) in Rajasthan, India.
2013 (Apr) Continental Engineering Corporation India Project Offices was awarded a Civil Construction Project Contract in Delhi, India.

(Jan) Continental Engineering Corporation was awarded contract for CJ930: the station construction and the elevator/escalator installation of Taichung MRT System Wuri-Wenxin-Beitun Line in Taiwan.

2012 (Dec) CEC International Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. awarded an MRT tunnel and underground station contract (¡§Package C¡¨) in Malaysia.
2012 (Dec) Continental Engineering Corporation was awarded contract for CJ910 : the Beitun Depot, G0 station and the railway line construction projects of Taichung MRT System Wuri-Wenxin-Beitun Line (Green Line) in Taiwan.
2012 (Oct) Continental Engineering Corporation was awarded contract for contract for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Construction project of Nangang Exhibition Hall Expansion Plan in Taiwan.
2012 (Aug) Continental Engineering Corporation was awarded contract for Widening of Tin Ha Road and Tan Kwai Tsuen Road from CEDD of Hong Kong.
2012 (Aug) Continental Engineering Corporation was awarded contract for Upgrading of Mui Wo Sewage Treatment Works and Village Sewerage at Wang Tong and Yue Kwong Chuen in Hong Kong.
2012 (May) Continental Engineering Corporation established its subsidiary, CEC International Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
2012 (May) Continental Engineering Corporation was awarded contract for Macau Light Rail Project Phase 1 C360 Cotai Section.
2012 (Feb) Continental Engineering Corporation formed a joint venture with CICI to win Delhi Metro Railway Project Contract (CC04) in India.
2011 (Aug) Continental Engineering Corporation was awarded the HATS Project in Hong Kong.

(Apr) Continental Holdings Corporation Public Listing on Taiwan Stock Exchange.

2010 (Jan) Continental Engineering Corporation was awarded Tunnel construction project CL-314.
2010 (Jan) Continental Engineering Corporation was awarded project BMR-UG02 in Bangalore, India.


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