Principles of Business Activities

4. Commitment of Employees

4.1 Assets and resources

Every employee is responsible for the proper use, protection and maintenance of the Company's assets and resources. This includes but is not limited to the Company's both tangible and intangible assets, trade secrets, corporate information, transaction records and other rights.

4.2 Information security 

Employees are obligated to protect the Company's business secrets from infringement and improper disclosure.

The Company’s business secrets include but are not limited to inventions, trade secrets, technical information, product design, engineering expertise, financial data, and intellectual property.

4.3 Insider trading rules 

Information that may influence the Company's share price should be kept confidentially until it is publicly released by the Company management in accordance with Taiwan's stock exchange regulations, except for in compliance with a statutory obligation or in normal exercise of one's job function.

Any person who has sensitive information concerning the Company which could influence the price of the Company shares and related rights must refrain from directly or indirectly executing transactions in the Company shares or such rights.

The following circumstances are also considered insider trading and should be refrained:

   1)  Disclosure by the Company’s employees to public sensitive information relating to the Company's equity interests and investment plans that may affect the Company’s share price.  

   2)  Disclosure by the Company’s employees to public both the Company's potential and ongoing projects and any contract signed or in negotiation that may affect the Company’s share price. 

4.4 Bribery 

Bribes in any form are unacceptable. Employees should immediately reject any demand or offer for such a bribe.

The Company forbids that Employees request or receive bribery from opposite parties of its business activities (“Opposite Parties”), and Opposite Parties are required to report to the Company any requests for payment of bribery from Employees.  Any Opposite Parties that violates this principle will be prevented from doing business with the Company.

 4.5 Gifts 

The Company’s employees shall not accept gifts of any monetary value. An exception may be made by a recipient's superior on rare occasions where refusal of such a gift would be seen as a detriment to the legitimate business transaction between the Company and its business partner.

4.6 Dedication 

The Company expects its employees to be dedicated to their jobs, and should always avoid conflicts relating to his or her own activities and financial interests with those of the Company. Without the Company's approval, employees are not allowed to take any positions of any nature or doing business for another company/organization.

4.7 Others 

Employees must be familiar with and adhere to the followings:

    1)  The code of conduct in the Company's corporate culture statement.  

    2)  Employee ethics or integrity declared in the Company's work guidelines.

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