Business Venture Partnerships

International Construction Project Development
In addition to Taiwan, Continental Engineering’s business ventures extend overseas to such countries as Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. We are currently actively looking for cooperative development opportunities in overseas markets in countries including India and Malaysia to bring about closer alignment with professional partners throughout various fields, including engineering consulting firms, professional vendors, developers, and financial institutions, and to offer contracting and construction services for transportation, waste water treatment, building, and community development operations. We welcome all inquires from potential business venture partners to discuss opportunities for cooperation.

Equipment Leasing and Sales
As Taiwan’s major construction company, Continental Engineering owns the most advanced and useful equipment. When this machinery and equipment is idle, we are willing to offer them for sale or lease to partners to suit their needs. We are also happy to offer technical guidance on the operation and maintenance of this equipment to minimize the cost of learning. Get in touch with us if you are interested in purchasing or leasing equipment from us.

Land and Property Development
Land is the primary element of any development project. Over the years we have gained extensive experience working with landowners to develop their land holdings, with partners spanning banks, private corporations, private landowners, and government agencies. Looking ahead, we are eager to develop cooperative partnerships with AMC and trust agencies to generate maximum commercial value together. Contact us to explore the possibilities of becoming a partner.

The Holding Company

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