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Our Workplace

CEC is a people-oriented enterprise. Workplace safety and the physical and mental wellbeing of employees are our priorities. CEC’s leadership is committed to ensuring that occupational health and safety remains at heart of the company’s development. We also include wellbeing as one of our key performance indicators, which we review regularly.


CEC has

  • A safety and health management information platform to provide convenient communication channels
  • A goal of zero incidents, regular lectures to strengthen occupational health and safety awareness, and a culture in which occupational safety is everyone’s responsibility
  • Developed an engagement tool called “Don’t Walk By” to encourage everyone to participate in the improvement of safety conditions
  • Adopted artificial intelligence (AI) monitoring to innovate security management
  • Provided experiential courses in virtual reality (VR), and conducted occupational health and safety education training
  • Additional employers’ liability insurance in the form of occupational accident insurance


CEC has

  • Developed a five-year Wellbeing Maturity Plan
  • Provided free regular health checks for employees
  • Set up a health management platform to encourage employees to manage their health proactively
  • Provided Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in partnership with a specialist
  • Formulated maternal health protection measures to take care of physical and mental health of pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding colleagues in the workplace
  • Subsidized employees’ participation in various company leisure club activities

Diversity and Inclusion

CEC has

  • Regular diversity and inclusion activities to promote awareness
  • Implemented the principle of fair opportunity when making recruitment and promotion decisions, and strengthening care for disadvantaged groups
  • Lectures on topics related to various types of equality

Covid-19 Measures

At the beginning of 2020, in response to the emerging pandemic, CEC immediately set up an emergency response team to ensure workplace safety, reduce the risk of employee infection, and maintain business operations. We continue to monitor the situation and ensure that we maintain the health and wellbeing of our people at all times.

Jobs at CEC

For our latest job openings, please go to 104 Job Bank or CEC LinkedIn corporate page!

Campus Recruitment

Whether you are a fresh graduate or a student, CEC invites you to explore all possibilities with us!

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