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Our People

CEC welcomes talented individuals who display team spirit, are ready for new challenges, and enjoy being part of a multicultural workplace. Diversity and inclusion is one area where CEC stands out from our peers.


Construction Site Manager, Civil Division, Taiwan Office

Allen Chou

My cross-border and cross-departmental experience has shown me how to be a good leader.

I’ve worked at CEC for 14 years – in Taipei, Taichung, Taoyuan, Hong Kong, and India. My areas of responsibility range from engineering technology to contract management. Cross-border and cross-departmental work has given me a wealth of experience, especially when it comes to leadership. The first aspect I learned about was vision. CEC is a farsighted company, looking to the future in terms of technology application, business development, and management. The second important aspect is communication. CEC’s projects are often very large and complex, involving many different areas of specialization, so both horizontal and vertical communication between internal and external stakeholders is vitally important. The third aspect is listening. Innovation is a core value of CEC. The company encourages employees to express their opinions and make suggestions. To be a supervisor, you need to know how to listen: this is more important than being hands-on or making quick decisions. The most important thing I have learned in my role is how to be a good leader.

Manager, Commercial Department, Headquarters

Mark Li

No matter which country I work in, CEC makes me feel at home.

I’ve been with CEC for 13 years. Over the past decade, I have worked at Headquarters in Taiwan, and in the India and Hong Kong Offices. Working overseas can be difficult, especially in India. In addition to differences in culture, language, food, and lifestyle, concepts of industrial safety and hygiene are very different compared with in Taiwan. CEC provides comprehensive programs to employees on overseas assignments, including language training and cultural workshops to help staff adapt to local society. CEC also holds seminars to discuss issues typically encountered at work in a given location. CEC even sent engineers from our overseas offices to Taiwan for apprenticeships and exchanges, enabling them to improve their skills and practices. When I got married in India, the construction site manager helped us plan a wedding fusing element of Taiwanese and Indian culture. I was so touched, and felt the warmth of home while working in another country.

Manager, Building Division, Headquarters

Grace Hsu

Women can find their place in the male-dominated construction industry.

Many people think that women in the civil engineering industry face a glass ceiling and other forms of discrimination. In particular, it’s generally believed that working on a construction site is too dangerous and difficult for women. However, in CEC, we have a wide range of opportunities for women interested in construction and engineering. CEC has a transparent promotion pipeline, with a training program that doesn’t differentiate between the sexes. If you’re ambitious, you can choose to work overseas. If you’re willing to learn on-site work, your supervisor will give you that opportunity. This is the unique culture of CEC. We have quite a few female managers and site directors who are doing well in various departments and sectors. The Chairman and CEO of CHC, the parent company, are all women. So gender is definitely not a factor when it comes to career development at this company.

Site Senior Engineer, Civil Division, Taiwan Office

Li-ting Lin

There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing your blueprints come to life.

Every time we finish a project our team is responsible for, I’m proud to tell my friends and relatives it was done by our company. The clearest feedback and biggest sense of achievement come from witnessing the hard work and dedication that go into turning a design into reality. CEC has worked with a diverse range of projects, technologies, and challenges over the years. Our team members have the opportunity to experience different types of projects, as well as learn to integrate construction conditions, needs, and resources. In addition to accumulating practical experience in construction, you can explore your own interests and development goals. For a civil engineer, the happiest and proudest moments come from sharing with relatives and friends what has gone into a project.

Commercial Site Supervisor, Building Division, Taiwan Office

Yu-ye Chen

Thanks to the company’s dedication to its employees, I have become a CEC Star Award winner in Customer Service Category.

I received the honor of becoming a CEC Star Award winner, following positive feedback from various stakeholders. CEC takes good care of its employees. There are many opportunities to learn new construction methods and technologies, and the development of overseas market gives us the opportunity to further expand our horizons. People may be unaware of just how well CEC takes care of its employees. In addition to providing a fixed annual merit increase, and a comprehensive welfare and promotion system, the company cares a great deal about employees’ physical and mental health. We have “Work-Life Coach” counselling service to help with work and life issues, as well as training programs to teach us how to manage money, strengthen our communication skills, and reduce stress. I apply the same attitude whenever I think about our clients. CEC’s policies create a virtuous cycle that benefits both employees and clients.

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Manager, Human Resources, CEC India Office

Vijay Srivastava

If you have new ideas, value quality, and enjoy challenges, you’re the person CEC is looking for.

I was the first local employee to join CEC, back in 2007 when CEC established its India Office. India’s vast territory – coupled with its unique regulations, systems, language, and culture – make it difficult for local and foreign companies alike to develop in the market. CEC is a company with a long history, good corporate values, and very rich in technological expertise and experience. We consistently emphasize CEC’s core values of professionalism, quality, and innovation in our recruitment advertisements. As a result, we attract local talent interested in learning about new technologies in civil engineering construction, who are attentive to quality and safety requirements, and who like challenges. I myself was attracted by the highly challenging nature of the job. The company provides plenty of resources enabling me to learn about all aspects of administrative management – from human resources, process control, planning and operation, to successfully beginning operations in the Indian market in a very short space of time.

Site Assistant Engineer, M&E Division, Taiwan Office

Lin-jie Tsai

Five months on a CEC internship will teach you more than four years of college.

I came across CEC’s campus recruitment (internship) information at university, and applied for a CEC’s engineering internship. Many electrical engineering students think CEC only does engineering and construction projects. In fact, the company is big enough to undertake large, complex projects. Many large-scale, government construction projects require M&E professionals. I was an intern in the Electrical and Mechanical Works Office of the Nangang Depot Public Housing project, and afterwards joined the company. I learned more in the five months I interned at CEC than my four years at college. From public works initiatives to construction sites, there’s plenty to learn, and our supervisors and senior colleagues are happy to teach us. Salary and benefits are of course important to the young people of our generation, but learning on the job is even more important; CEC meets both these expectations.

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