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CEC awarded two tenders: C211 Contract of railway underground project and a public housing development project

CEC Taiwan Business Division (TBD) recently won first place in two important tenders, C211 Contract of Tainan Urban District Railway Underground Project, and Contract E of the Guanci Po-Ai Park Public Housing Development Project. Both tenders will significantly contribute to annual revenue.

TBD’s winning of the C211 tender is worth NT$2.8 billion (US$91.8 million) and comes after winning a similar C214 Tainan underground railway project in January of this year. The new tender involves the northernmost section of railway (Sheng Kung Girls’ High School to Xiaodong Road) and is scheduled for completion in 1,854 calendar days. The scope of work includes construction of the main underground tunnel and approach ramp, electrical/mechanical/environmental control systems, demolition of existing overpasses and underpasses, and residences.

As construction may impact east to west bound traffic in northern parts of the city, the construction team must develop a comprehensive traffic arrangement plan to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and maintain good relations with the surrounding neighborhood. Such actions will ensure the project can be carried out smoothly.

TBD’s winning of the design and build Contract E of Guanci Po-Ai Park Public Housing Development Project is worth NT$3.436 billion (US$113 million). The tender is a major urban development project in eastern Taipei City in Taiwan, an iconic project for CEC as it consists of two SRC (steel-reinforced concrete) buildings with 500 housing units and four underground floors and 27 above ground. According to the current plan, floors 1-3 will be for public services and the 4th floor and above will be public housing units.

Construction is scheduled to start on October 7, 2017, with completion and the Building Utilization License expected to be received in December 2020. CEC already possesses Class A E&M license giving it an advantage over competitors as it provides integrated service between building and E&M teams without a learning period. In addition, CEC has rich experience in BIM system with a track record of more than 1.19 million square meters. It can also accommodate the Taipei City Government’s paperless submission system. Lastly, members of CEC’s consultant team are all considered leaders in their respective fields as all of these factors contributed to CEC’s winning of this tender.

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