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CEC becomes first to advocate wellbeing in Taiwan’s construction industry

CEC, Taiwan’s leading engineering construction company, today (3/8) announced its Wellbeing five-year maturity plan and presented preliminary results. Wellbeing is a relatively unknown concept in Taiwan’s construction industry. By improving the wellbeing of its employees, CEC continues to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the company.

Mr. Simon Buttery, CEO of CEC, stated: “The construction industry, has and remains, highly dependent on human resource. Today’s resource market is highly competitive and compounded recently by restrictions in the free movement of people due to the COVID-19 pandemic. ” Mr. Buttery further explained, “CEC has always placed absolute priority on the health safety and wellbeing of its employees which includes taking care of both their physical and mental wellbeing. CEC considers this a key factor in the sustainable growth and development of a modern enterprise.”

The CEC Wellbeing Maturity Plan includes short, medium, and long-term activities and targets to help employees maintain and strengthen their physical and mental health. It includes a number of externally supported employee benefits including, flexible insurance program, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Work Life Coach and employee recognition program. Work Life Coach is an exclusive consulting service for employees and their families provided by a third-party professional team, conducted in a confidential, one-on-one manner. The service addresses issues such as stress relief, career development, parenting, interpersonal relationship, law and finance. Employees can schedule this service and receive effective assistance at the right time. CEC is one of the very few construction companies in Taiwan that provides a Work Life Coach service.

CEC also provides all employees with annual health checks that are more comprehensive than specified by current employment regulations. To assist employees access, manage and better understand their healthcare information the company has established a confidential health management information platform. Mr. Buttery stated, “our wellbeing program benefits not only our CEC colleagues but also foreign workers and subcontractors. For example, we assist foreign workers and subcontractors in receiving vaccinations, oral cancer screenings, and much more.” CEC also places great emphasis on eliminating construction risks and encourages all employees, foreign workers and subcontractors to participate in its Don’t Walk By (DWB) program designed to identify and correct all issues before they become accidents. Our goal remains to ensure that everyone can return home safely every single day.

Although the CEC Wellbeing Maturity Model Plan has only been underway since 2021 it has already received a huge amount of positive feedbacks from employees, especially within the areas of Employee Wellbeing, Health and Safety, Recognition and Respect, Growth and Development, and Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. CEC firmly believes that its future growth and success relies on the its staff, reinforcing its vision to create a healthy and wellbeing-oriented workplace.


Highlights of CEC’s Wellbeing Programs:

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – Work Life Coach:

  • Through professional consulting services, assistance is provided to CECers and their designated family members on issues including stress relief, career development, parenting, interpersonal relationships, legal and financial matters, etc.
  • One-on-one professional and confidential coaching services.
  • Consultation is conducted with external experts through phone, face-to-face, or email communication.
  • The utilization rate of coaching services increased from 5.42% in 2021 to 11.0% in 2022, which is 2 times higher than the previous year.

Employee Recognition Program:

  • Creating a positive team culture where mutual encouragement and appreciation is fostered
  • All colleagues can nominate their peers who have demonstrated excellent behavior or core company values, expressing their recognition and appreciation in a timely manner
  • From 2021 to 2022, 385 colleagues were recognized, with 40% of recognition coming from peers or cross-team recognition.

Flexible Insurance Program:

  • Includes life insurance enhancement, medical insurance enhancement and family protection
  • Provides medical protection based on individual needs of employees
  • The company fully subsidizes the expense, providing protection not only for employees but also their families.

Employee Health Checks

  • The frequency and cost of employee health checks at CEC are better than what is specified by regulations.
  • The completion rate of CEC employee health checks was 98% in the past three years
  • Through a health management information platform, employees’ health data analysis is provided; high-risk employees will further receive evaluation and consultation services. Health promotion activities are arranged based on the overall health data collected.
  • Each employee is required to set personal safety, health, and wellbeing goals annually, which will be incorporated into their key performance index evaluations.

Don’t Walk By (DWB) App

  • Any persons entering the work area can report any high-risk conditions through the DWB platform.
  • The DWB platform will notify the supervisor and responsible area engineer to eliminate the risk situation.
  • With the increase in DWB reports, the frequency of disabling injury (DIFR) at CEC has significantly decreased.

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