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CEC Develops Technological Solutions for Application in the Engineering and Construction Sector

(Taipei, March 25, 2021) Continental Engineering Corporation (CEC), the leading company in Taiwan’s Engineering and Construction (E&C) sector, showcased its technological applications at the Nangang Depot Social Housing Project site today. During the event, several applied technologies such as Immersive Virtual Reality (VR), electronic fence using AI and smart technologies, BIM (Building Information Modeling) as well as site management web based applications and platforms developed by CEC, to disrupt the status quo in the E&C sector and enhance productivity.

Simon Buttery, the CEO of CEC introduced several applied technologies, among which the most prominent applications are VR, integrated platforms and apps for construction site management as well as drone-based survey, measurement and photogrammetry. “We are glad to share these technological applications, during the year when CEC celebrates its 75th anniversary”, explained Buttery, “CEC has been introducing new construction methods to Taiwan, and engaging itself in applying different technologies in the E&C sector for more than a decade. These applications continue to contribute towards meeting our business objectives, enhancing our efficiency, improving management performance and construction quality as well as ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and all of our partners.”

CEC applies Virtual Reality (VR), a well-developed technology, in its occupational safety training, where we find both engineers and workers more willing to participate and experience different work related hazards in the safe office environment. This enhances training results and ultimately improves project safety. To date, 15 training sessions were carried out and over 400 people have received the training including CEC staff members and workers.

CEC was the first civil engineering company in Taiwan to introduce Building Information Management (BIM) as a way of harnessing data to add value throughout the lifetime of a building. CEC now has a comprehensive BIM team with over ten years’ experience which enables us to offer our Clients real value through the adoption of a wide range of BIM applications and services. So far, over half of CEC building projects have deployed BIM applications and the company will assess the feasibility for new projects, intelligently using new technology.

CEC also demonstrated several customized applications and web-based platforms which it has developed to assist its Project Engineers manage and record construction quality or further enhance safety control on its project sites. These solutions, which are very different from traditional “pen and paper” methods, allow quick and accurate inspection records using handheld devices to improve quality on projects. Take one of the apps – CEC OnSite as the example, the app is applied to 71.4% of applicable CEC projects. The CEC Engineers Patrol App recorded over 50,000 engineers safety inspections in 2020, patrol via the web based platform providing management with accurate and real time information and enhancing site safety.

Moreover, CEC has also formed its own team of drone professionals who have been trained to recognized standards and now allow the business to undertake more effective inspection of project progress as well as aerial survey, measurement and photogrammetry. CEC currently has licensed drone engineers serving its project at Taoyuan MRT Green Line GC01 and Tainan Railway Underground C211.

In terms of IT infrastructure, CEC’s digital strategy migrates most internal information management systems onto cloud providers, in order to enhance information security while adding more flexibility and agility to management’s access to data. This also improves the ability to efficiently track data providing management with clear, concise, near real-time information for decisional making. The company continues to strength its IT infrastructure and invest in relevant resources, while enhancing its information security systematically.

CHC’s financial report Q4, 2020, stated CEC’s consolidated revenue of $NT 14.072 billion for 2020, mainly attribute to the following projects: Taoyuan MRT Green Line GC01, Guanci Social Housing, and C214 Tainan Railway Underground project. As of the end of 2020, CEC has a backlog of NT$66.5 billion which is equivalent to 3 and a half years of revenue.

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