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Civil Engineering

Provincial Highway No. 9 Contract C2

Project Type
Tunnel & Underpass
Xiulin Township, Hualien County

Architect / Supervising Engineer

Sinotech Engineering Consultants Ltd.


Suhua Improvement Engineering Office, Directorate General of Highways,
Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications


Reinforced concrete (RC)

Scope of Work

  1. Construction of Renshui tunnel of Suhua highway on Provincial Road No. 9 Line
  2. Tunnel section: the two-way single tube main tunnel is about 2,947.5 m, and the emergency escape tunnel is about 3,021 m
  3. Bridge section: the total length of the double span steel box girder is 106 m (w≒14.6 ~ 17.22 m) (bridge and tunnel overlap of 8.5 m)
  4. Road section: 329.2 m (236.2 m in the north and 93 m in the South)


New Austrian Tunneling method (NATM)

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