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Taiwan High Speed Rail Contract 250

Project Type
Hospital, Hotel and Public Architecture
Wuri District, Taichung

Architect / Supervising Engineer

Hoy Architects & Associates
Haigo Shen International Engineering Consultant Co.


Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation


Main Station: steel reinforced concrete (SRC)
Parking: reinforced concrete (RC)

Scope of Work

  1. Base area: 120,690 m²
  2. Floor area: 114,862 m²
  3. Station height: 29.7 m
  4. Steel structure: 15,456 tons


Part of the station of this project adopts SRC structure, with a building height of 29.7 m. The third floor slab is constructed by hanging mold, and is featured by steel truss support and steel arc shape slanted roof slab. The shape is beautiful, which is the largest among all high-speed railway stations at present.

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